It´s not Magic, It´s Knowledge, It´s Mighty Wizards

We accelerate our customers’ key initiatives by successfully extending their analytics, development and automation capabilities.


We are an advanced analytics and software development company based in Mexico City. Our experience covers end-to-end BI, AI, Mobile and Blockchain development. Throughout the years we’ve refined a delivery methodology focused on cost-efficiency and business results. Let us show you what a successful extension of your team looks like!

With MW we got a crazy-smart team with specialized skills, particularly around SDK.

Stephen Hayward, Project X President

We are very happy with the quality and reliability of MW work. They’ve automated our workflows and significantly improved throughput.

Max W. Gavitt, SPS Commerce Sr. Director

Our Expertise Based On :

Worked Hours
Number of Projects

Highly Skilled

Our carefully-selected employees make the difference. We constantly train a capable team that cares about solving problems. They put the Mighty in Mighty Wizards.

Flex Capacity

Scalability on demand. Pay only for what you use.

Full Visibility

If you work with us, you’ll always know your project’s progress and budget. We use BI internally to provide you with precise information about the status of your project, because we understand that project visibility is important when working with a nearshore team.

Cost Effective

Our customers do more with less. We are able to accomplish more development cycles while keeping their budget in check.

Low Turn Over

Be assured of the continuity of our Wizards in your projects.

Same Time Zone

Working side by side keeps us agile and responsive. No waiting overnight for a response or dealing with contractor churn over harsh schedules.


Our proven business model allows us to guarantee high efficiency, top performance, and total visibility.

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