How have we helped our clients?

A retailer company was aware that the implementation time to setup NEW MICROSTRATEGY PROJECTS, along with the volume of implementations they could handle, was restraining them from having a robust and scalable process.

By bringing together a team with a variety of skill sets to the project, Mighty Wizards was able to lay out the company’s existing process, identify the areas where the process could be improved, and develop the entire optimization solution.

  • MicroStrategy Transaction Services
  • MicroStrategy Object
  • Manager MicroStrategy Command Manager
  • MicroStrategy System Manager
  • MicroStrategy Dashboarding
  • SQL Triggers and Advanced Procedures
  • User Interface and User Experience Design
  • Batch Files
  • Task Schedules
  • Power Shell for dynamic DSN creation
  • Advance Product Logging
  • Email and Alerts

Of this solution allowed the customer to increase their capacity of implementations by 600% and improved the quality of new implementations, increasing the number of error-free implementations from 60% to 99%. It also reduced
the time of implementations by 60%.

Were achieved by adding a queue feature that allowed the users to submit a request and wait for an e-mail “success” notification. In case of system failure, the process allows the administrator to find the cause, fix the issue and permits users to continue from the last successful executed step.

For this solution included: the automation of the entire Quality Assurance process which contained tests at both the MSTR Level and the detailed data level. Since the deployment, there have been minimal to almost zero changes, since we were aiming to have a robust system that could match any MicroStrategy future releases. It is working currently in MicroStrategy 10.6 HF 1, however the initial solution was built for MicroStrategy 9.4.1 HF 7, and then upgraded to MicroStrategy 10.2

The project has been a highlight for our client, as it allowed them to move hundreds of customers from an old platform to the latest one within a timeframe that would have been impossible without the automation.

A telco company wanted toDEPLOY A MICROSTRATEGY
WEB/MOBILE DASHBOARDTO OVER 3,000 USERS, making sure the security parameters were bullet-proof.

UNDERSTANDING THE IMPORTANCE OF SECURITY, Mighty Wizards analyzed the client’s entire architecture related to this project, and developed a custom External Security Module (ESM) for Web and Mobile, capable of the following tasks:

  • Leverage Siteminder to perform initial user authentication in a seamless process.
  • Validate not only session states of users via Siteminder, but also add an extra layer of validation against an internal user database dynamically updated via LDAP
  • Create dynamic security filters, user groups and access based on user profile and advanced business rules
  • Redirect users to specific
  • Dashboards and Projects depending on their roles
  • Enhance the ESM to bring new business rules and
    project access with minimum extra development
  • Custom log out process that works in most browsers and mobile devices, which interacts directly with Siteminder to handle session correctly
  • Adapt ESM code to work on Mobile devices (Android
    and Apple) via TaskProcs
  • Identify cluster environments and work seamlessly when any node in the cluster goes down

For the ESM to work correctly, Mighty Wizards configured MicroStrategy Projects and Intelligence Server by CREATING PROPER TRUSTED RELATIONSHIPS, always following best practices based on expertise and recommendations. We did not only stop on designing, configuring and developing this ESM; BUT ALSO WORKED ON THE INSTALLATION AND CONFIGURATION OF the  complex components on

The entire solution allowed our client to be able to launch this project to over 3,000 final users with a very robust and shielded security solution, which was stress tested in deep detail before getting the green light. Based on the success of this implementation, we are currently working on a new phase to bring new projects and business rules to the ESM.