Our experience allows us to go beyond the technical aspect of your implementation. We develop better ways to understand your data and derive actionable insights from it.

Industry & Department
We understand each industry is unique and in need of someone who understands their needs.Our vast experience covers projects from a wide range of industries, such as:
manufacturing and CPG, retail , healthcare.
Additionally, working with different areas within an organization allows us to combine our expertise and successfully complete projects. Some of the departments that we partner with are : sales, human resources, finance Finance .
BI Assessment
Regardless if you are planning a new BI project or if you have already started one, taking a breath to evaluate your project, understand your lessons learned and re-organize your team is always a good practice. We help you assess your projects and achieve your business goals
Team Building Advisory
In-house BI teams are becoming more common every day, but learning how to build one may present challenges. We help organizations define and structure their teams by understanding the skills, processes and tools required to coordinate an organization
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Given our experience in data sourcing, we can easily determine your current data hygiene and come up with a solution that fits your needs. Additionally, our understanding of data warehousing allows us not only to facilitate the comparison process, future projections and consolidation of information, but simplify considerably the decision making process.

Data Sourcing
Data is everywhere, which means that now we not only have our usual databases sources, but a large amount that need to be connected in order to enrich our data and our analysis. During these time, at Mighty Wizards we have successfully connected to 100+ sources, including relational, non-relational, multidimensional, big and live data. We know there will always be one more data source you need to reach, we will help you get there. With a combination of skill sets and Vast experience, we will bring that source to you!
ETL Development
We can help you with the following tools related to ETL: Informatica Power Center, MicroSoft SSIS, Oracle Data Integrator, Pentaho Data Integration and of course advance batch scripting if needed. If your organization uses a different tool, be sure we will become acquainted with it in a record time
Data Governance
Understanding who owns the data and learning the proper process to manage it in order to minimize risks, and ensure data quality and consistency, may become pretty complex. We have helped organizations to develop and execute strategies that combines a mix of tools, processes, expertise and sometimes even their HR team involvement
Big data
Tons of data need to be processed and analyzed by organizations in a very quick manner, we know how to do it. When we talk about Big Data, Hadoop and Spark are some of the technologies we have successfully implemented for our customers
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We have experience in whatever platform you use for your BI implementations and can help with:
- Tailor-made recommendations on infrastructure unique to your needs
- Architecture, configuration and installation
- Creation of projects and environments
- Reports and dashboards
- Tuning and performance improvements
- Administration

Qlik View
Power BI
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It's all about the user experience. There are users that love visualization, while others prefer hard numbers. We tailor our design to reach all of them through a clean interface that provides a smooth experience allowing the end user to focus on what's important, making decisions. Learn more about our UI/UX design services:

We ensure our designs are optimized for Web regardless of the BI platform you choose. By taking advantage of all available features, we maximize the users' experience while accessing their dashboards and reports via Web.
Real estate for visualization is critical for a a great user experience. Mobile Dashboards and Reports allow usersto have all Data available for their analysis at the tip of their fingers. We help you maximize all available features to enable mobile users to easily understand their data i IOS or Android platforms.
Some BI tools have their own clients to display their Dashboards and Reports, we know them, there are some other considerations that need to be included in the design of their experience, we'll take care of it.
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We have some of the best SDK developers in the market for both mobile and web. If you have a customization in mind, we can help you make it a reality. We've completed everything from simple customizations to challenging systems integrations. Regardless of what the challenge is, we can help. Some of the challenges we can help with include:

SDK Integration with Salesforce API to embed MicroStrategy visualizations within Salesforce.
SDK Integration with Salesforce API to embed MicroStrategy visualizations within Salesforce.
Custom Visualtations
Heatmap visualizations for campaign images to know where customers click most and how clicks lead to sales conversions
Report Access
MicroStrategy Plugin visualizations using D3, GoogleMaps, OSM and Salesforce, among others
Customization to dynamically allow or deny users from accessings specific objects and MicroStrategy features based on report results and profiles within the company
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We help you discover the right cloud service for you and your business, to simplify administrative processes and maximize operational efficiency.

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Our skilled data analysts are fully prepared to help you and your company apply advanced analytical techniques such as machine learning. Based on the new insights we provide, we help you take corrective actions in your internal and external operation, as well as your customer relationships.

R Programing
At some point your daily data analysis will stop being enough for your projects. You will need to apply more comlex statistics to answer your most difficult business questions. We understand this and for that reason we have mastered integrating and using R with your BI platforms to perform a variety of statistical (Clustering, Classification, time-series Analysis, linear and nonlinear modelling, etc) and graphical analysis.
Due to its portability across different operating systems and its indenting of source statements that make code easier to read, object oriented programming is the language you want to use. We anticipate and increase in customization and integrations between Python and BI Platforms, we can help you!
Predictive Analytics & Machine Learning
In business, anticipating the needs of your customers and therefore yours is key. How much do I expect to sale? When should I increase my inventory? How much should I grow my team? Etc. This is not an easy task but it is possible using data, with Machine Learning. Our industry is leaning towards this type of complex analysis. We can work together to implement these technologies and anticipate every move.
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