SDK  Integration
SDK Integration

Over 25 years of experience helping diverse companies deploy end-to-end BI solutions.

We have some of the best SDK developers in the market for both mobile and web. If you have a customization in mind, we can help you make it a reality. We’ve completed everything from simple customizations to challenging systems integrations. Regardless of what the challenge is, we can help.
Some of the challenges we can help with include:

SDK Integration I Mighty Wizards

SDK Integration with Salesforce API to embed MicroStrategy visualizations within Salesforce

SDK Integration II Mighty Wizards

Heatmap visualizations for campaign images to understand where customers click most and how clicks lead to sales conversions

SDK Integration III Mighty Wizards

Complex ESM customizations that integrate with Siteminder and add an extra layer of validation to dynamically create security filters and group assignments based on internal logic, including server failover on a cluster environment

SDK Integration IV Mighty Wizards

Customizations to enable users to access or disable users from accessing specific objects and MicroStrategy features based on report results and profiles within the company

SDK Integration V Mighty Wizards

MicroStrategy Plugin visualizations using D3, GoogleMaps, OSM and Salesforce, among some others