Our commitment as a company is oriented to business value genration, rather than having your team spending time and effort configuring and executing operational tasks. That is why we want to share our knowldge with you, let us bring up to speed your technical teams so you can concentrate where it matters! At Mighty Wizards we are offering the following MicroStrategy training which covers the following:

  • - BI Introduction
  • - Data Warahouse Modeling for MSTR
  • - Automate your data processes for MSTR taking advantage of your ETL Tools
  • - Best Dashboard Design Methologies
  • - Microstrategy Level I: Schema Objects
  • - Microstrategy Level I: Configuration Objects
  • - Microstrategy Level I: Application Objects
  • - Microstrategy Level I: Reports and Dashboards development
  • - Microstrategy Level I: Learn other MSTR Tools (Object Manager, System Manager, Intergity Manager)
  • - Microstrategy Level I: Promot your MSTR Changes correctly to your Production environment
  • - Hands-on: Create your own MicroStrategy Project live
  • - Let us guide you through the next level of knowledge

Leave your contact details below or contact us via phone to learn more about our training and together we can cuztomize it according to your needs!:

Phone: USA +1 (571) 327-8445
Phone: MEX +52 (55) 54-12-35-98
E-mail: contactus@mightywizards.com